Smoke out the inconvenience with this handy tool

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Let's face it, even though there's so much modern technology that's aimed at offering a chance to try and get a buzz, it really can't hold a candle to the old classics. While vapes may have their own appeal, there's nothing quite like the flavor and taste of fresh tobacco. Unfortunately, if you don't want to smoke an entire cigarette, you seem to be out of luck. 

If you're someone who enjoys a toke every once in a while but doesn't want to carry around a million cigarettes and lighters, then you are in luck! Right now you can purchase the Allin1E tool to keep all of your smoking necessities on hand.

The smoking tool is an aerospace quality aluminum comprised tool designed purely for convenience. It comes with ample space to store a mini Bic lighter on one side, as well as a cigarette-shaped quartz glass one-hitter pipe on the other side, and a stainless steel cleaning poker on the other side. it also comes with a two-piece grinder that grinds directly into a storage chamber capable of holding over two grams of ground-up tobacco, so you can always be prepared to get a hit when you need it.

When a product offers the perfect intersection of convenience, style, and usability, it's bound to satisfy tons of customers. The Allin1E is no exception, with loads of verified customers singing its praises. One user loved the long-lasting nature of the product, stating, "Love it. Feels great in the hand. Heavy and well made and CLEANABLE when necessary. So many smoking devices have to be abandoned because they just don't age well and clog up too soon. Would give this as a gift anytime. Love it." Another verified user was kicking themselves for not getting it sooner, stating, "Definitely something I should've gotten years ago!" 

Right now you can purchase the Allin1E Smoking Tool for just $34.99, that's a 41% markdown from its MSRP of $59.

Prices subject to change.