George Harrison tells Dick Cavett about Beatles breakup, John and Yoko in 1971 interview

About 30 seconds into Dick Cavett's 1971 interview with George Harrison, we learn what he thinks of Yoko. Cavett tells George that Yoko sat in the same seat George is sitting in, and George jumps up in mock disgust. The audience claps and laughs. I guess they didn't like her much either. But then Harrison adds, "I saw the show, it was very nice."

He then goes on to promote John and Yoko's Christmas record, so perhaps everyone really loved each other. A bit later George reveals "the group had problems long before Yoko came along. Many problems."

He also says he doesn't remember much about the Beatles days: "It feels like a previous incarnation." Strange, considering the band broke up just a year earlier.

Later in the interview, George says he wanted to break up from the band because he had a backlog of songs he'd written, but he was allowed only one or two songs per album. In late 1970, Harrison release the triple album, All Things Must Pass, which is as good as anything The Beatles did, in my opinion.