This Marijuana Michelada sounds awesome

The Michelada is a fantastic drink. I describe it to friends and family who are somehow unfamiliar with this Mexican superstar beverage as essentially "a beer bloody mary." Now, you can get them with THC-infused chili powder.

I look forward to trying one.

LA Taco:

"Mota Mix" is not the first mota-infused michelada mix our newsroom has seen in its many years of abuse. Still, its widespread availability has us excited for the mind-expansive, pain-of-life-numbing implications of having this in our lives.

Normally, anyone inclined to merge cannabis and ethanol into one crossfading whole will have to drop an ounce or two of their preferred spirit into a pre-bottled THC beverage. A few shots of Tequila blanco in a 16oz. bottle of weed lemonade and you've got a cool, refreshing treat we like to call "rocket fuel," cause baby, it'll be a pleasant minute before touchdown brings you round again.

With Mota Mix, the whole point (as we see it) is to easily combine the THC chile-powder with booze in one convenient cup of Michelada you can then carry around all day like you're Lil' Wayne or something.