Meet Lepidobatrachus laevis, a frog with a ridiculous scream

Today I learned about an amphibian called the "Budgett's frog." It looks like a cartoon character, and has the most ridiculous scream. Everything Reptiles describes the curious creature:

These unique frogs have a comical appearance as their head is half the size of their body. Their appearance and fun personality have made this species an internet star.

Budgett's Frogs are a large pinkish-gray frog. They have a flat body and an enormous mouth that takes up nearly a third of its body.

The Budgett's Frog (Lepidobatrachus Laevis) was first described in an 1899 paper by the English zoologist John Samuel Budgett. Budgett was on an expedition to Argentina in search of lungfish, but instead discovered this frog. It is common to find this species in many countries in South America such as Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.

If you have a spare minute, please stop whatever you're doing and go look at this frog. You will be delighted, I promise. Here's one eating a worm. And here's one screaming. And here's another one screaming. Apparently, they scream when they feel threatened, which makes me really sad for all of these poor screaming creatures. Everything Reptiles explains:

If cornered they will puff up their bodies and stand as tall as possible. They will hiss, squeak and scream too. If that fails they will lunge and bite. Being bitten is quite an unpleasant experience as they have large toothlike ridges on their jaws and two sharp fangs.

I also feel bad for them because their screams are, well, so…. hilarious. Poor Budgett's frog just can't win. Cute creature rating: 11/10. This creature is completely ridiculous, and off the charts cute. I can't stand it!