Trump asks Supreme Court to block release of his tax returns

Donald Trump wants the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the House of Representatives from getting hold of his tax returns, which a federal appeals court ordered last week, arguing that Congress has no right to know the details of his finances.

The case is the most direct way for the House to obtain Trump's federal tax returns after pursuing them in different avenues for years.

The Trump team wants the Supreme Court to put the release of the tax returns on pause while the justices consider whether to take up a case reviewing the lower court rulings okaying their disclosure.

The ex-president is a notorious conman, grifter and cheat, and no-one thinks his tax records will make him look good as he contemplates a second run at the White House. The New York Times obtained and published stories about two decades of Trump's federal taxes in 2020, revealing among other things how little he pays–in some years nothing at all.