Baboons crash a woman's birthday party, helping themselves to snacks and cognac

A couple of baboons crashed a woman's party during her birthday getaway in South Africa, guzzling leftover Hennessy and chowing down on avocados, eggs, and bread.

The party host, Esethu Zoe Williams, caught one of the baboons on camera popping open not one but two bags of chips as if they were balloons, while one of the human guests could be seen hiding behind a kitchen wall (see video below).

In a second video (below), another baboon was caught strutting along the pool in the backyard as if it owned the joint.

According to Storyful, the vacationers were warned to keep their doors closed but forgot. After much shouting, however, the humans were able to convince their uninvited guests to leave.

"We eventually got them out by screaming and charging towards it," Williams told Storyful. But for the baboons, the party outside only got better, as they "drank the liquor that had been left there from the previous day."

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