Puppy in New York broke from leash, swam all the way to New Jersey

When a puppy in New York City was on a walk with his new human, he decided to wiggle out of his harness to take a two-day solo adventure. His escapade included a mad dash from 80th Street to 110th Street, a chase along the way by a passerby who tried to catch him, a splash into the Hudson River, and a swim across the mile-wide river from New York to New Jersey. Once on the other side, the Bernese-Leonberger mix ran out of fun, especially when he found himself stuck underneath a pier. That's when he called it quits and put out an SOS with some loud howling.

From CBS:

[Ellen] Wolpin got Bear just last week as a service dog for her son, who has seizures. 

… Bear is a mix of a Bernese mountain dog and Leonberger and a natural swimmer, according to Inside Edition.

Wolpin spoke to a local Upper West Side blog after the six-month-old puppy went missing and said patrol boats were out looking for him. …

Bear wasn't discovered for about two days, when someone heard him barking near a pier in Edgewater, New Jersey, according to Inside Edition. Firefighters were called and rescued him. "The dog was literally standing at the end of the pier…it looked like a dog statue," Edgewater firefighter Thomas Quinton told Inside Edition. "It was like it was ready to go, he was tired of being underneath there."

They used Bear's microchip to find his owners. 

Ironically, the pup and his human were on their way to get a better-fitting harness before he made his grand escape from New York.