Hot Pockets made cargo shorts with literal hot pockets

Hot Pockets is known for its heat-and-eat snacks, and now the brand is taking that concept to a new level with a line of winter apparel. In collaboration with the Columbus Fashion Alliance, Hot Pockets has created a pair of cargo shorts with literal hot pockets to keep your snacks warm. The shorts are khaki with a pocket on each thigh, labeled "hot" and "cold" respectively. The "hot" pocket has the additional message of "insert sandwich here." The shorts also feature a graphic of a devil with the phrase "stay heated." The shorts come with a matching hoodie that says "irresistibly hot" on the front and "hotter in the Wild West" on the back. The collection is being marketed as a way to keep your Hot Pockets warm even in the coldest weather.

The cargo shorts and hoodie will be available in men's sizing December 12 through the Hot Pockets online shop. Get'em while they're hot?

(Born in Space)