Marjorie Taylor Greene raged for hours over McCarthy flop, then accidentally revealed why she was so angry (video)

During Marjorie Taylor Greene's hours-long rant yesterday — first to reporters and then on Steve Bannon's podcast — over Kevin McCarthy's House flop (and thus no reassigned committees for her), the Georgia Congressquack punched hard at the GOP, stating the obvious: "There is no plan!" (See first video below.)

And the punchline to her joke of a tirade, aka the crux of her rage? "I found out, nobody ever went in and negotiated anything for me," she accidentally admitted. (See second video below.)

Realizing her blunder, she quickly backpedaled. "But I haven't asked for anything for myself," she said. "I'm not in there demanding Marjorie, Marjorie, Marjorie. I'm in there saying for the American people, for the American people, for the American people. And that pisses me off!"

Manic Marge then continued to bash her colleagues, such as Matt Gaetz, wondering all the while why anyone would give her the snub.