Spokesman for elite Davos gathering say Elon Musk was not invited, after Musk claims to have turned them down

Elon Musk recently tweeted that he declined an invitation to the annual Davos meeting of business executives, leaders and celebrities because it "souned boring af lol". Davos organizers yesterday went to the unusual length of debunking the world's second-richest man, saying he was not in fact invited at all.

Musk wasn't there, though he says he was invited. Forum spokesman Yann Zopf knocked that down Tuesday, saying the last time the Tesla CEO got an invitation was "not this year and not recently — last time in 2015."

The backstory seems to be that Musk blew them off way back when, but now he has reason to need that kind of political palling around and can't get an invitation. So Musk was not lying to say he didn't get invited to Davos—just not saying which year. You know, like how an adolescent boy would consider some clever omission to be not lying, as an immediate prelude to having his context collapsed by a nearby adult.

Maybe Bohemian Grove has a spot open?