Watch Davos woman have fun jumping from fourth floor into deep snow

With the heaviest snowfall in Davos, Switzerland since the year 2000, this Swiss woman decides to have some fun. "Holy shit," someone says as she stands on the ledge of a fourth floor window. "Shit that's high." Someone else - sounds like her son – asks her to go head first, but to that she says "No." And then she does it with a Swiss "Yahoo!" landing safely in the white fluff. Read the rest

The world's richest 2000 billionaires could wipe out extreme poverty with one seventh of what they gained last year

Oxfam's released its annual report on inequality, timed to coincide with the World Economic Forum, and unlike previous reports (which focused on attractive but misleading stats about the relative wealth of poor and rich people), the new one focuses on the growth in the fortunes of the world's richest people, a stat that is a much more reliable indicator of growing inequality. Read the rest

Reuters' Anthony deRosa interviews tech folk at Davos (video)

There's a fun online video series at Reuters TV called "Tech Tonic" that currently features host and Twitter star @antderosa interviewing technology figures at Davos. Read the rest