Far-right group gives Ivermectin to kids with autism — and it's making them sick

It's bad enough when the Q-infused MAGA mob is in charge of the country. But put them in charge of children, and things get downright sick. At least with a group of hundreds of parents that meet on the far-right app Telegram, according to Vice, who encourage each other to treat their children living with autism and other disabilities with Ivermectin — a toxic medication meant to deworm animals.

Even when these children come down with severe side effects from taking Ivermectin — blurry vision, nausea, vomiting, pain, seizures — parents in this group, called "Learning to Fly," are told to just have their kids push through it.

"Bleeding or mucous or vomiting or diarrhea or acne or pealing or aches/pains or hot flashes & sweating are all good signs of clearing out your body," one Qult member said. "This is healing, keep going."

"I have been applying Ivermectin liquid to my granddaughter's feet, belly button, and swabbing her ears for six weeks now," said another blind follower. "She complains of sporadic blurry vision and sometimes headaches." Sadly, in response, the group mantra did not waiver. "Press on through…It's working."

From Vice:

The Telegram channel was established in July 2022 as an offshoot of the much larger pro-ivermectin group "Dirt Road Discussions," which was set up in October 2021 by Danny Lemoi, who took veterinary ivermectin for almost a decade to, he said, treat Lyme disease. When ivermectin became hugely popular among anti-vaxxers as a treatment for COVID-19, Lemoi leveraged his experience with the drug. (There is no evidence to back up the claims that ivermectin formulated for humans or for animals is an effective treatment for COVID-19.) Lemoi died suddenly earlier this month at the age of 50 with what the admins of his channel described as a heart that had "nearly doubled in size." …

In a pinned "Where to start" post, the channel admins give new members a guide about what to expect and how to begin giving their kids ivermectin by first applying a liquid form of ivermectin to the bottom of children's feet. 

"Just get a dab on your finger and run it along the arch of their feet," the instructions state. A week later, parents are told to start administering ivermectin paste internally.

"My daughter started having blurry vision on the ivermectin," a member of the larger Dirt Road Discussions channel wrote. "She started with severe headaches alternating with stomach pain. Now her vision is very blurry. Any advice? She's in the first grade. I don't want her to miss out on all the learning that is so crucial at this age."

In response, another parent wrote: "Press on through…It's working."

Members of the Learning to Fly channel believe that almost everything can be cured by taking ivermectin.