Trump tells Tucker that "sick radical people from within" are America's biggest enemy

Trump provided Tucker Carlson's geriatric fear-junky viewership with quite a show tonight. He started by telling them that the United States' biggest enemy is "from within":

One of your fellow journalists said, "Who's the biggest problem, sir? Is it China? Could it be Russia? Could it be North Korea?"

"No," I said, "The biggest problem is from within. It's these sick radical people."

Trump then boasted about how he had handled Russia and China during his presidency. He claimed to have taken billions of dollars from China and said that they respected him. He also shared that he had warned China not to invade Taiwan, threatening to take action if they did. He did not elaborate on the specifics of his warning, probably because he sucked up to them instead of warning them.

Similarly, he claimed to have threatened Putin with "something really nasty" if he invaded Ukraine. Trump asserted that Putin did not believe him at first, but eventually came around to taking him seriously, as evidenced by the fact that there was no talk of invading Ukraine while Trump was in office.