Nintendo launches copyright crackdown on YouTubers posting gameplay footage

In my recent post about YouTuber PointCrow and his truly revolutionary Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod, I made a half-joking remark about the famously litigious Nintendo coming for him over it. Now it has come to pass: Nintendo issued dozens of copyright strikes against PointCrow and his channel, claiming all ad revenue from several of his Nintendo-themed videos and forcing outright deletions of the ones featuring the mod.

As he points out, several of the videos don't even feature the game in question. Nintendo is going full scorched-earth on a dedicated fan and tireless content creator apparently for the crime of installing a mod on a legal copy of a game. Can you imagine if Bethesda sent you a Cease and Desist for installing a Skyrim overhaul? PointCrow isn't the only one affected, either – since his initial set of strikes, Nintendo has also been putting pressure on other YouTubers.

It's baffling to see a big video game company with such open disdain for the people who enjoy its products and give them unprecedented amounts of free publicity. What the hell is Nintendo thinking?