Put your fur-baby on a billboard for free

Want to turn your pet into a local sensation? Digital billboard messaging company Shoutable.Me is running a promo for National Pet Month that gives people the chance to put their pets on one of their over 2,500 billboards across the U.S. for free.

To give your furry friend their 15 minutes of fame, you'll have to provide a picture of your pet, their name, and your contact details before May 31. Your pet's photo will play 10 times on the 2023 date you pick during a 15-minute slot, with each display lasting six seconds.


Follow this link and select "get started." Every state except Delaware, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, North Dakota, and Utah have at least one billboard in their state, with most having multiple. You can see the map of billboards here, and you can see a street preview from Google of each one. If you know you'll want to take a picture of it, try to avoid one by a highway so you can safely pull over to watch (otherwise it will be challenging to time your drive past). Some billboards are off of regular streets and roads.