Woman offers treat to wild antelope, who pays her back with a violent charge to the ground (video)

A touron at Yellowstone Park thought the wild creature with large horns she was cooing to was a pussy cat, so naturally she walked up to it with a gift of food. But the African kudu — a type of antelope — didn't appreciate the kitty talk, nor the snack, and paid her back by using one of its horns to ram and knock her hard to the ground. Fortunately okay but completely befuddled by the animal's behavior, the woman asked, "Why did he do that?!" (See video below, posted on Instagram.)

So for the umpteenth time, the folks behind the Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram page again reiterated, "This is a perfect example as to why you should not feed wild animals and why you should keep your distance. The animals are WILD animals… they are not your pets and they are not your friends!" And they do not meow.

Front page thumbnail image: kkphotography2 / shutterstock.com