What does "woke" really mean? Republicans don't know, but they confidently define it anyway (video)

From Ron DeSantis' fascist "Stop Woke Act" to Junior's ridiculous new "non-woke" magazine, when it comes to the GOP's favorite buzzword, Republicans are in a real stupor over the true definition of "woke." Ask Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, or any other MAGA intellectual in the GOP and it turns out "woke" means anything that is angering them on any given day: e.g., "never having to say you're sorry," "racist," "equity, diversification," "murdering fun," "to not like the Jews," "talking about slavery," — and their list of woke grievances, er, definitions go on, and on, as the Daily Show points out in this silly supercut below.

Front page thumbnail image: Casimiro PT / shutterstock.com