Boebert now admits she skipped the debt ceiling vote out of spite

After railing about how evil the deal was and that she must stop it, Colorado congressperson Lauren Boebert claimed to have missed the debt ceiling vote by moments. Last week we were told she was rushing to the floor of Congress to do her duty, but the congressperson was just seconds too late — this was NOT to be seen as Boebert skipping out on the vote so as to make things easier on pseudo-Speaker McCarthy without her casting a no-vote.

As of Saturday, Boebert has changed her tune. She is notoriously hard to trust.

Ms Boebert was mocked on social media after she reportedly "narrowly missed the vote, running up the steps right as they gaveled", according to Axios Capitol Hill reporter Juliegrace Brufke.

But Ms Boebert sought to refute that account in a video message on Saturday after Mr Biden signed the legislation – which she branded a "c**p sandwich".

"No excuses, I was ticked off they wouldn't let me do my job, so I didn't take the vote," she said in blurry footage filmed outside.

Once again, everything is about the show. Boebert must keep her rabid red base happy.