Live EarthCam footage captures Manhattan cloaked in thick smoke from wildfires, roughly Pantone Bright Orange C

EarthCam's live and unedited footage paints an alarming picture of the current situation in New York City. The skyline is now barely visible through a thick shroud of smoke. This smoke, a consequence of wildfires raging in Canada, has significantly deteriorated the city's air quality. So severe is the situation that New Yorkers have been advised to remain indoors.

If you check earlier screengrabs from this cam, which is positioned at a Hyatt Regency in Jersey City towards One World Trade Center in Manhattan, you can see that the sky was a bright orange. In fact, it was roughly calculated as Pantone Bright Orange C. Now it's more like Pantone 456 C.

Californians may remember their wildfire-tinted sky was roughly Pantone 130 U.