Watch: Comedian mimics celebrities by using a trigger word first (and no two are the same)

Comedian Mary Elizabeth Kelly is known for her uncanny impressions of celebrities such as Jennifer Coolidge, Joan Cusack, Emma Stone, Winona Ryder, Hugh Grant, Christopher Walken, and many more. Some of them are so spot on, it's as if she morphs into them as soon as she opens her mouth, face shape and facial expressions included. But the transformation doesn't come without a trigger-word, as she explains in her latest video.

"I recently saw a video of Hugh Jackman talking about how he uses a specific sentence to get himself into his American accent, and I realize I do the same thing for impressions," she said, before giving us examples of which word or phrase she uses, depending on the celebrity, that will help get her into character.

For instance, all she has to say is, "Oh mother mother mother mother, oh mother…" and she slides right into White Lotus' Jennifer Coolidge. For Holly Hunter it's "sesame seeds" (pronounced sheshame sheedsh) that does the trick. And a simple "Whoa, whoa!" transforms her, mouth an all, into Drew Barrymore. Check these out, along with seven other examples (which isn't enough!), in the video below.

Front page thumbnail image: Mary Elizabeth Kelly (screengrab)