Tarantula trapped under jar tries to escape by sliding the entire container along the floor (video)

I'm not sure where the person who shot the footage below lives, but they've been sharing their house with at least one strong tarantula — and a feisty one at that.

"I found a tarantula in my house!" the video caption says as the large hairy critter skitters out from the corner of a floorboard.

But the fascinating part comes after the person traps the spider with a clear jar, and the spider tries to escape by taking the container with it. It's able to slide its prison cell with relative ease before the human has a better idea, slipping a lid underneath the spider and jar and snapping the lid into place — presumably (and hopefully) to set the big guy free, outside.

Away we go!
by u/louyplays in nope

Via Hindustan Times
Front page thumbnail image: Matt Knoth