DOOM: Twitter's panic-driven rate-limiting gets them dropped out of Google Search

Fisticuffs enthusiast and noted "Pedo Guy," Elon Musk announced drastic rate-limiting policies on Twitter last week. Purportedly rate-limiting is evidence of Tekonoking battling with "data pillagers," but it may result from Twitter's internal mismanagement. Regardless, Twitter has ignored both the law of holes and Google's book of rules on SEO; most notably, that content hidden behind a walled garden is not recommended by Google Search.

The number of people looking at Twitter is growing smaller and smaller every day. A business forecast to earn $3 Billion this year from advertising, with debt service of $1.2 Billion, is rapidly losing most of its eyeballs. This spells doom. DOOM. DOOOOOOOOOM.

They'll keep dropping out of Google until Twitter reverses its new rate-limiting stuff. Having first-hand experience with drastic SEO mistakes: I know it takes much more time to recover than falling out of the service.

Raw Story:

Search Engine Roundtable found that Google had removed 52% of Twitter links since the crackdown began last week. Twitter now blocks users who are not logged in and sets limits on reading tweets.

According to Barry Schwartz, Google reported 471 million Twitter URLs as of Friday. But by Monday morning, that number had plummeted to 227 million.

"For normal indexing of these Twitter URLs, it seems like these tweets are dropping out of the sky," Schwartz wrote.