Just what is that strange dark mass a woman is scrubbing on her arm? (video)

At first glance, it's hard to see what the heck a woman is scrubbing on her soapy, lathered up arm as she leans over a water-free bathtub.

A long fingerless evening glove? A rather unfortunate hairy arm condition? A cast? Or, as many TikTok commenters wondered, a solid dark tattoo? But nope, once the camera zooms in, it becomes clear — the small sleeve-like patch sticking to the woman's arm like a strip of velcro is actually a cute teacup chihuahua who has cleverly figured out a way to take a bath without getting splashed. Definitely the most unusual bathing style I've ever seen!

(See video below, posted by sam_sucki_pepper.)

Via Newsweek
Front page thumbnail image: Golubovy / shutterstock.com