Sneaky Great Dane enjoys meal on back burner of stove — until his dog pal snitches (video)

A stovetop is the perfect height for a Great Dane to vacuum up — as in snarfing down any leftovers accidentally left by the humans. Which is what a giant pooch named Joe was up to before a four-legged informant intervened.

Standing in another room, Larry — a fellow Great Dane — barked while staring at the crime scene, whipping his head around to make sure his human got the message. He then led the way over to the stove, where Joe, who flinched upon being discovered, was polishing up the remnants of what looks to have been a tasty meal.

Joe didn't seem too fazed by the "nark bark," as one TikTok commenter put it — but he was sure in a hurry to lap up those last bits and crumbs before the clock ran out. (See video below, posted by larrygreatdane.)

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