George Santos retweets Michael Rapaport's anti-Santos rant

Shout out to George Santos for calling my attention to actor Michael Rapaport's entertaining anti-Gorge Santos rant. Rapaport, who has made a name for himself on Twitter by walking outside and taking selfie videos ranting against authoritarians, grifters, racists, and homophobes in the GOP, said in his tweet, "George Santos is a Fkcing Joke!!! Resign You Sick Pathological Wack Job!!!!"

Santos responded by retweeting Rappaport's rant, commenting,

"This is the most half-assed rant yet. I'm the self-determining, conservative this district wanted. The American people want someone who tells it like it is. Get over it. I won. I'm still winning. I will never tuck my tail & cave to the elitists.

But, nice hot girl walk.

A few things to note:

  • As a proven, pathological, liar, Santos never "tells it like it is."
  • "I won." He didn't win. People voted for the false persona he fabricated on a foundation of lies and dishonesty.
  • "I'm still winning." He's got a 7% favorability rating in his district. Compare that to the 10% of people all across the country who believe the Earth is flat, and the 12% think the moon landing was faked.
  • "I will never tuck my tail & cave to the elitists." He's going to wind up in federal prison.