Danny Trejo, aka "Uncle Machete" says it's ok to share food with your dog; Here are some specifics about what your dog should and should not eat

Here's a Public Service Announcement that Danny Trejo posted on his social media: "Kids, your Uncle Machete says it's okay to share food with your puppy!" The announcement is accompanied by a video of Trejo sharing a plate of eggs and sausage with his tiny Chihuahua. As much as I love and support the message of this PSA—because goodness knows I've shared many a snack with my dog Henry Rollins—I wanted to provide some additional information about what foods are great to give your dog, and which ones should never be offered.

I first have to stress that while many people think it's harmless to literally share the same food, as in "I take a lick of my ice cream cone, and then doggo takes a lick," food sharing in this sense is "strictly" advised against by many veterinary organizations, such as the British Veterinary Association. So, you probably shouldn't literally let your dog eat off your plate like Uncle Machete is doing, unless you're already finished your portion.

Next, let's go through some of the foods that are ok to give your dog. Here's a handy list (with a great visual) provided by the ASPCA, which includes veggies, fruit, popcorn, peanut butter (without xylitol), cheese, and meats. So feel free to give your dog apples, bananas, chicken, popcorn, pineapple, green beans and more. Remember, though, that even though these foods are healthy, you should not overindulge your dog with them—moderation is key.

Finally, what foods are harmful to your dog? Again, the ASPCA provides a helpful list. Never give your dog alcohol, avocado, chocolate, coffee, caffeine, citrus, coconut, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, milk and dairy, nuts, onions, garlic, chives, raw or undercooked meat/eggs/bones, salt and salty snack foods, xylitol, or yeast dough.