Twitter owes former workers $500m in unpaid severance payments

In its shriveled modern form, Twitter has already established itself as a deadbeat: it's failed to pay rent on offices, screwed over vendors, and is even suing its own lawyers. From the beginning, though, it was also expected it would stiff the thousands of workers it laid off, and now the bill is in: $500m in unpaid severance checks.

Courtney McMillian, who oversaw Twitter's employee benefits programs as its "head of total rewards" before she was laid off in January, filed the proposed class action in San Francisco federal court.

McMillian claims that under a severance plan created by Twitter in 2019, most workers were promised two months of their base pay plus one week of pay for each full year of service if they were laid off. Senior employees such as McMillian were owed six months of base pay, according to the lawsuit.

But Twitter only gave laid-off workers at most one month of severance pay, and many of them did not receive anything, McMillian claims.

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