Great white shark jumps out of water to snatch fisherman's catch

A great white shark leapt from the water to chomp on a striped bass a man was attempting to reel in. The high-flying shark, estimated to be a 10-footer, made its appearance as the first catch of the day was being pulled in with Prime Rate Sportfishing Charters.

The Cape Cod company recounted the hair-raising encounter on Facebook, accompanying the post with a photo of the shocked fisherman holding the shark-chomped remains of his catch. "Any guesses on who stopped by today? Just in time for Shark Week!" read the company's post.

NBC Boston:

Donald Parker is a Harwich firefighter and the captain of Prime Rate Sportfishing out of East Dennis. He said he'd hooked a bass when a shark jumped out of the water and took a bite.

Parker was left with the head and the wild story that went with it.

There's no video of the incident but if a picture is worth a thousand words, this one certainly speaks volumes!

The waters surrounding Cape Cod has emerged as an major hangout for great white sharks. This development, where we're seeing one of the world's largest seasonal gatherings of these sharks, is largely due to the flourishing local grey seal population.