Automata sticks tongue out while balancing rolling ball on pole

This Automata is a Jack of all trades. It enjoys sticking its tongue out while balancing a rolling ball on a pole. I'm guessing that sticking out its tongue helps it achieve perfect focus to perform this difficult trick.

If I could hire them to do this trick at my next party, I most definitely would. I love the utter bizarreness of this particular automata. It was created by  by Vichy of Paris 140 years ago.

From Instagram:

"Balancing a ball on a stick requires close concentration. Sticking out the tongue seems to help. This 140 year old automaton by Vichy of Paris bears a strong resemblance to Harry Styles according to my chief restorer @maria.start, who achieved a miracle repairing the cracked gesso on the face of this figure without disturbing the original paint."