"In-I-Nout Cheese Burger"changes its name under likely legal pressure while "In Out Chesse Burgers" opens for business

The owners of American fast food chain In-N-Out were likely displeased with the unrelated restaurant In-I-Nout Cheese Burger operating in Cuilacan, Mexico. In-I-Nout is now named Sofi's Burger. When asked about the matter, In-N-Out declined to comment to reporters "due to ongoing litigation." And now, there's a new burger joint in town—In Out Chesse Burgers. From SFGate:

Pictures of the food show french fries that look even more like In-N-Out's famous animal-style fries than Sofi's Burger; it even appears to be vending dupes of other fast food chains, using a picture of the Popeyes fried chicken sandwich on its Instagram page.