Rudy Giuliani's NYC home up for sale for $6.5m–perfect timing after losing a defamation lawsuit

Yesterday, America's mayor Rudy Giuliani lost a defamation lawsuit filed against him by two election workers he lied about–a default judgment reflecting the fact he offered no reply to their claims. But the court and the judge in it were real enough, and it turns out Giuliani is selling his New York City apartment. $6.5m, the asking price, will likely cover it, but it's hardly the only only legal problem the former Trump lawyer is in.

In Manhattan, Giuliani's penthouse apartment on East 66th Street, on the Upper East Side, went on the market in July. That same month, in a court hearing involving Smartmatic, a voting machines company suing Giuliani and Fox News for defamation, a lawyer for Giuliani said the former mayor was "close to broke".

"There are a lot of bills that he's not paying," the lawyer added. "From a $57,000 phone bill to significantly more. I think that this is very humbling for Mr Giuliani."

The lawyer, Adam Katz, did not comment to the Times for its report on the apartment sale.

How does one run up a $57,000 phone bill these days? Does his phone line have a leak? Did he fill a swimming pool with it?