Video provides overview of "10 Animals You Definitely Forgot Existed"

In the past, we've shared the hilarious and informative work of Mamadou Ndiaye, aka "Casual Geographic," and I'm back with more. His YouTube channel is still going strong, and he recently shared a funny video called "10 Animals You Definitely Forgot Existed," which is perfect to watch on your lunch break. In the video, he provides a quick overview of (and snarky commentary about) some not-so-popular animals:

Maned Wolf: "Virtually every picture of a Maned Wolf looks AI generated—it's a genetically sequenced identity crisis so it's only right that it sounds like one. [plays audio of the maned wolf]. Is it a roar? Is it a bark? It is a cry for help or the damnation of a higher being? Nobody knows, not even him.

Raccoon Dog: "A dog that can't really dog."

Saiga Antelope: "This is a Saiga and that is 100 percent unfiltered—they really do look like Star Wars in the face. That sizeable schnoz-piece is designed to filter out the dust kicked up by a herd that used to be a million strong. It's like a built-in respirator that also makes them look like Alf's illegitimate child."

Narwhal: "Nature's anxiety whale."

South American Bush Dog: the "weasel beaver."

Clouded Leopard: "Their entire existence is a flex."

Rock Hyrax: "This marmot from the motherlands."

Pygmy Hippo: "Tiny travel size version" of a hippo.

Fossa: "Madagascar mongoose"; a "bane to lemurs everywhere."

Cookie Cutter Shark: "They got their name cause this parasite will swim up to a whale and then use its jaws to slice out a perfectly circle-shaped piece of flesh. It doesn't kill them, but the sea hickey it leaves behind is for life. It's like a parasite tramp stamp."

After watching the video, I think I'm gonna declare the Rock Hyrax my favorite, mostly because it's really cute and makes ridiculous noises–but the Saiga Antelope is a close second because, I mean, I'm a sucker for a snout. What's your favorite?

Last year, Ndiaye published a book based on his videos., "100 Animals That Can F*cking End You. Hachette Books provides this description:

A wittily informative field guide to the deadliest animals on Earth from "AnimalTok" star @mndiaye_97

This dynamic, fact-filled, occasionally disturbing book is perfect for animal lovers and anyone perplexed by the natural world.