Melania Trump doesn't "give a f*ck about Christmas" — but will hawk ornaments to make a buck

Melania Trump crawled out of the woodwork over the weekend to push a product she hates: Christmas ornaments. (See post below, reposted by Mike Sington.)

In 2018, the phony former First Lady admitted in a secret recording by phony best friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff that she could care less about the Yuletide season. "I'm working like a — my ass off at Christmas stuff … You know, who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decoration?" she said, which was secretly recorded and later appeared in Winston's boring book, Melania and Me.

But the Trumps will peddle anything for a buck. So, like a staunch vegan hawking animal products, the joyless Mrs. Trump pinches her nose as she wishes everyone "an abundance of peace & love" — to the tune of $45 a pop.