Trump completely submarines his own legal strategy

NBC wasted time welcoming a worthless, crazy old man out on bail in four jurisdictions with nothing new to say to its airtime. The only good thing that came out of this interview was the criminally indicted loser of the 2020 US Presidential election admitting he was wholly responsible for pushing the false stolen election story, not his crackpot lawyers.

Apart from confessing to some of his misdeeds, Donald Trump also told us he is beating Obama, Biden is leading us into WWII, and people need to use ID to buy bread. What has the American public learned from any of this? Trump is just a senile old person.

Raw Story:

"But what Mr. Trump did yesterday in that interview is, he didn't just shoot one foot, he shot both feet," Rossi said. "He just destroyed any argument that he could say, I relied on attorneys. What he was doing — this is what I would argue as a prosecutor – he was forum-shopping."

In other words, Rossi continued, Trump, "Was trying to find the attorney that would agree with his perverted view of the Big Lie, and you had Attorney General Barr said no fraud. You had Rosen, the acting A.G., no fraud. Donohue, the deputy Attorney General, all these brilliant guys saying there's nothing there, Mr. President. And he was looking for — I hate to say it, he was looking for the sycophant, Jeffrey Clark, who desperately wanted to be acting Attorney General in the last 10 days of the administration."