Don Jr's knowledge of Russian history is also not accurate

No one is surprised that Don Jr wants to invoke a big and scary idea to distract from the news that the Trump org is to be held liable for committing financial fraud. There will also be no shock to hear Don Jr refer to something completely unrelated to his family facing the law for their crime: the Bolshevik uprising. One involves people overthrowing a royal family, and the other is a summary judgment for fraud.

Trump and his family may fancy themselves as "royalty," but that is taking the United States back to a time before the USA was, not just to a time they felt was "great."

Raw Story:

During an appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show on Wednesday, Trump objected to New York Judge Arthur Engoron's ruling that found him, his father, and others liable for fraudulently manipulating the value of assets.

"I've never seen anything even like it," Trump said. "I mean, this is sort of like the start of the Bolshevik Revolution. We don't just we don't like you. So we're going to confiscate property. We're going to do these things."

He complained because the judge had ruled Mar-a-Lago had a value of around $18 million.

It was pretty obvious Don Jr would be as bad at Russian history as he was at valuing real estate.