Father and son real estate grifters demonstrate how they lost their NY fraud case in real-time

Shortly after NY judge Arthur Engoron found Donald J. Trump, along with sons Don Jr. and Eric, liable for fraudulently over-inflating the value of their real estate holdings, Eric and Donald more than doubled down. Eric quickly took to the internet to claim a $1 Billion price tag for the site of at least one FBI raid. While social media was busy lambasting Eric, Donald raged out and hit us with a 2 Billion dollar number for the same Florida theme-resort.

Daddy Trump:

"I have a Deranged, Trump Hating Judge, who RAILROADED this FAKE CASE through a NYS Court at a speed never seen before, refusing to let it go to the Commercial Division, where it belongs, denying me everything, No Trial, No Jury," the former president complained. "He made up this crazy "KILL TRUMP" decision, assigning insanely low values to properties, despite overwhelming evidence."

Trump went on to suggest that it was wrong for the judge to conclude that he overvalued his own properties — and then proceeded to claim without evidence that his Mar-a-Lago resort could be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion.

Son Eric:

Responding to the judge saying Trump jacked up the price of properties, his son Eric Trump complained that Mar-a-Lago is worth over $1 billion. The judge valued it at more like $18 million.

To prove his point, the younger Trump posted real estate listings of Palm Beach homes that total under $40 million.

"These homes are about 1/30 the size of Mar-a-Lago, not on the beach, (let alone the beach and intercostal), don't span from once (sic) side of the Palm Beach Island to the other … it is a travesty of justice and an embarrassment to the court."

Zillow currently estimates Mar A Lago as being worth around $24 million. The judge's estimate is within a few million of Zillow, while the Trump Family is working with 40x as a starting point. These Trumps may be addicted to lying. Don Jr has not chimed in.