Hilarious pup is all too excited to snitch on the cat for breaking house rules (video)

A young corgi in New Mexico is not even one year old yet, but he already knows the rules of the house. And he's taken it upon himself to act as hall monitor, excitedly snitching on his feline housemate when said rules are broken.

Such as when he spotted the cat sneaking around for a forbidden snack and hilariously broke into zoomies, running back and forth between the kitchen and the living room and even hopping with a slight whine to let his human know about the infraction.

"My dog noticed I yell at my cat every time she gets on the kitchen counter, so now he tattles on her," says the caption in the video (see below), posted by hellopimento.


Also dont judge my messy house I've been sick with the flu ok

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Via Newsweek
Front page thumbnail image: Ermolaev Alexander