QAnon believer faces 5 years in prison for threatening to kill Texas congresswoman he mistakenly thought was transgender

Michael David Fox of New Mexico doesn't seem like a very nice person. Look at this transcript of a voicemail he left for a Texas congresswoman, identified as V1 in the criminal complaint.

"Hey [V1], you're a man. It's official. You're literally a tranny and a pedophile, and I'm going to put a bullet in your fucking face. You mother fucking satanic cocksucking son of a whore. You understand me, you fucker?"

Mr. Fox, a faithful member of the QAnon cult, admitted to the FBI that he'd made the call.

From the criminal complaint:

Fox claimed to be a member of the Q2 Truth Movement, the Q Movement. Fox explained these movements believe all over the world there were transgender individuals running governments, kingdoms, and corporations. Fox explained that there is a plan called "Q the Plan to Save the World" which he learned about from an online video. Fox claimed that he believed Q was going to engage in the "eradication" of the people who were causing all the world's misery. Fox believed that part of the eradication had already happened.

Fox explained that he had run V1's skull features through forensic analysis and determined that VI was born male and is now transgender. Fox discussed his military service with the United States Air Force, Q the Plan to Save the World, and how God communicates using numbers. Fox continued to reiterate several different types of conspiracy theories indicating extreme far -ight ideologies as his explanation for why he conducted the phone call to threaten V1.

Fox rescinded his threat against V1 and apologized, Fox claimed he was not intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when he made the call. Fox stated he understood how VI would feel threatened by his phone call. Fox acknowledged that anyone he knew or cared about would also be concerned with such a threat.

Fox was charged with interstate transmission of threatening communications and faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison.