Florida congressperson asks tax assessor to re-examine Mar-A-Lago after Trump claims it is worth $1B

The Trump family's penchant for running at the mouth continues to upset their failed real estate empire. Having already seen NY State Judge Arthur Engoron further restrict their access to their assets, blocking moves to hide money, a Florida Congressperson is asking Mar-A-Lago's property assessor to reconsider the current taxable valuation.

In response to Judge Engoron mentioning that some folks had pretty low valuations for Mar-A-Lago and other Trump properties, the Family went nuts proclaiming the fantastic value of everything they own. One valuation offered for their weird supper club and illegal document storage facility in Florida was over $1B. Certainly, Eric insists, it is worth $490. The current taxable value seems to be $26 million. Congressperson Jared Moskowitz hopes the Palm Beach County Property Assessor can fix this clear mistake and honor Trump with a very high tax bill.


If it turns out Trump is correct and the property is worth over $1 billion then he owes a lot more in property taxes, the congressman argues.

"As I'm sure you are aware, your valuation of Mar-a-Lago has been cited in Judge Arthur Engoron's determination this week that former President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization committed fraud by inflating the value of their assets," wrote Moskowitz. "Between 2011 and 2021, you valued the Mar-a-Lago property between $18 million and just under $28 million."

He went on to cite a tweet from Eric Trump making the claim that Mar-a-Lago was worth maybe even 100 times that amount.