Cindy Crawford is a 97-pound street dog who is getting the medical care, love, and attention she needs to get healthy

Meet Cindy Crawford, a dog who lives on the streets in Thailand. She was recently taken in by Niall Harbison, who runs an organization called "Happy Doggo," whose mission is to "fix the global street dog problem for good." Niall and his organization provide street dogs with food, medicine, and veterinary care, including the procedures of spaying and neutering.

As explained in this recent video, when Niall found Cindy Crawford, she was living outside of a 7-11 and near several restaurants, where locals and tourists, trying to be kind, had been over-feeding her fried chicken, sausages, and more. She weighed about 100 pounds, which was causing her to have difficulty breathing and walking. She also had developed skin rashes and her fur was falling out. Niall explains that she was pretty close to death when he found her, and the veterinarians he consulted told him to go very slowly with encouraging her to exercise and lose weight, to avoid shocking her system and causing more heart problems. Niall and the other volunteers have been diligently helping Cindy exercise her legs, have cut her food down to more healthy portions, and have applied cream to her skin to help kill the parasites plaguing her. She's been slowly losing a bit of weight and is already happier—if the tail wags provide any clues!

Cindy Crawford is a sweet and friendly dog, and I couldn't be more thrilled that she's being cared for so well and is getting her health back. Niall suspects this journey will take months, but by Christmas she'll be in a much better place! 

To learn more about Happy Doggo, check out their website and YouTube, or follow Niall on his Instagram.