Hilarious doggo splashing around in pool refuses to listen when it's time to get out (video)

An adorable golden retriever was having too much fun splashing, barking, and paddling around in what looked like a hot tub to listen when it was time to get out. In fact, the pooch flat out refused.

"Freddie. Freddie. Freddie! Come on!" said a voice off camera. But Freddie, glancing at his human, decided to keep swimming, and even barked as if he were saying "No!"

But then, after the person repeated herself, telling Freddie it was time to go inside, he seemed to finally cooperate — just for a split second, that is. Yes, he stepped out of the hot tub, but only so that he could jump into the much bigger pool, where he proceeded to enjoy a leisurely swim. (See video below, posted by laurajeanj.)

Via Newsweek
Front page thumbnail image: Chendongshan / shutterstock.com