A stray cat "adopts" a woman and her dog while they're out on a walk (video)

A stray cat needed a home last August and made no bones about it. In fact, starting from afar, he marched and marched straight up to a sweet dog and his human, who were out on a walk in a residential neighborhood, sniffed the pooch, and decided right then and there that he'd found his new family.

"When they say cats choose they aren't lying," says the caption on a video that caught the surprising meet and greet (see below, posted by leapinglanni).

As a follow up, in footage posted the next day, the family said the cat was eating and peeing and waiting for a vet appointment, so it looks like the strong-willed cat is exactly where he wants to be.

Via Newsweek
Front page thumbnail image: Bachkova Natalia / shutterstock.com