Musk planning to block Twitter access in Europe

Twitter may soon no longer serve users in Europe, says owner Elon Musk, responding to the European Commission's investigation of illegal content and misinformation spreading unchecked on the platform.

Musk is "increasingly frustrated" with having to comply with the Digital Services Act (DSA), a person familiar with the company told the publication. The DSA is designed to empower and protect users online against harmful or illegal content, disinformation, and violations of privacy and free speech.

In recent weeks, Musk has discussed simply pulling the platform from the bloc as a way to avoid breaching the EU law, which could bring a potential fine of up to 6% of the company's global revenue. 

In "worst person you know" tradition, this is a splendidly good idea. Implicitly, it suggests that there is no advertising revenue to speak of from Europe anymore.