Vivek Ramaswamy says he would let Putin keep the part of Ukraine he stole

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, also known as "The Congenital Interrupter," appeared on Piers Morgan's program to explain the "deal" he'd make with his boss, Vladimir Putin, if he were elected President. Ramaswamy would refuse to allow Ukraine to join NATO, and would let Putin keep what he has already taken from Ukraine if Putin promises not to annex any more of Ukraine and stops affiliating with China.

Remarkably, Ramaswamy seems to think the United States can give parts of one country to another. He also believes Russia merits the parts of Ukraine where Russian is spoken because they share a language. Does this mean England gets to reclaim the United States?

The best part of his deal is his justification. He claims Ukraine is not a democracy (even though it is), citing its parliament's vote to ban the Moscow-linked Ukrainian Orthodox Church (which is distinct from the similarly named Orthodox Church of Ukraine).

No wonder MAGA supporters have a fondness for this guy. If he starts speaking in monosyllables and converts to Christianity, they might vote for him after Trump ascends to Heaven to sit on his gold-plated throne between God and Jesus.