Ivanka appeals again as Don Jr leans into ignorance

The New York State fraud trial against the Trump organization continued today with a lot more of the same. Ivanka really does not want to testify and is continuing to try and appeal her way out of it. The current appeal sounds based on jurisdictional issues and not at all if she has relevant information. Judge Engoron clearly wants to hear from her.

An attorney for Ivanka Trump, Bennet Moskowitz, filed the notice of appeal on Wednesday in a New York appellate court after Judge Arthur Engoron ordered her to testify last week.

Ivanka Trump's attorney had been seeking to quash the subpoena for her testimony because she's no longer a defendant in the case. But Engoron last week ruled she must testify, though he gave her time to file an appeal.

Among the issues Moskowitz asked the appellate court to consider was whether the New York civil court had jurisdiction over Ivanka Trump since she has not lived or worked in New York since 2017.

Ivanka Trump's testimony is tentatively slated for next Wednesday, November 8. It's not clear whether the appeal will affect that timing.


Meanwhile, living and breathing train wreck Don Jr took the stand today. Don is playing the lazy, not engaged with the business, son of the boss card. Don doesn't know about anything; he relies on others to do the expert work they were hired to do. People like Don Jr don't do work so much as not do work, and this is just how things operate. It is plausible Trump Jr is so lousy a manager that he signed documents without knowing what went into them.

Faherty narrowed in on the licensing developments on the financial statement, asking Trump Jr. if he gave the accountants the $246 million valuation attached to the licensing deals.

Trump Jr. said he might've discussed the deals with the accounting team because he was the primary person on most of them, but that he did so without knowing they'd use those values in the financial statements.

"I could have very well been involved in inferring that number but not knowing it was for that purpose," he added.

The former president's son again reiterated in a lengthy response to the question: "I wasn't involved in compiling the statement of financial condition."


It is interesting to see just how much worse the Trump Family can make this situation.