State Department official who participated in Capitol riot jailed for nearly 6 years

Federico Klein, a Trump-era State Department official and former serviceman who attacked police officers at the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill, is off to prison for 5 years and 10 months. Klein, sentenced in Federal court Friday, was convicted thanks to video showing him assaulting and blocking cops and encouraging others to join in.

"Your actions on January 6th were shocking and egregious," the judge told Klein.

[Judge Trevor] McFadden also ordered Klein to pay a $3,000 fine and $2,000 in restitution. He will report to prison at a date to be determined.

Klein worked in the State Department's office of Brazilian and Southern Cone Affairs from 2017 until he resigned from that position on Jan. 19, 2021, a day before Biden's inauguration.

Perhaps the first person convicted who participated so he could keep his job.