Early YouTube legends Smosh revive one of their biggest series after nearly a decade

If you're under thirty, or know someone that is, you probably have at least a passing familiarity with YouTube sketch comedy duo Smosh, originated by founding members Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Although they've met with massive success, including billions of views and even two feature films, Smosh's future has seemed uncertain in recent years following Padilla's departure and the shuttering of its parent company. As of earlier this year, however, the dynamic duo are back together, and reviving one of the hallmarks of their channel: the annual Food Battle competition.

Every year since 2006 (save for the better part of a decade when Padilla was off pursuing solo ventures), the two have entered into a head-to-head competition to see whose favorite food – Ian's pink-frosted donut and Anthony's ever-shifting annual pick – can accomplish more everyday tasks, none of which are ever 'being eaten'.

It's irreverent without being obnoxious, completely over-the-top, appeals to the 12-year-old in me- and most importantly of all, it's being brought back in a major way, as evidenced by the action-packed trailer.