Streamer wastes scammers' time on an unprecedented scale

Scambaiting – or the act of deliberately wasting a scam caller's time – is one of my guilty pleasures of late, and YouTuber/Twitch streamer Kitboga is one of the undisputed masters of it. It's often said that every minute of a scammer's time that you waste is time they can't spend hounding an actual victim, and Kitboga put together an ingenious way of maximizing the time spent wasted: a fake crypto-transfer website.

Scammers log on after being baited in by an initial phone call with Kitboga or one of his team, thinking that they're just a few clicks away from a wallet full of Bitcoin, but are thrown into an endless labyrinth of captchas, "security questions", and held phone calls instead.

Seeing the scammers completely lose it – sometimes over the course of days as they keep fighting for the nonexistent crypto – is nothing short of cathartic.