Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is sued by his book publisher for lying

Mark Meadows is entering the find-out phase due to changing his story when brought in for sworn testimony by the government. Meadows previously published a book insisting the 2020 Presidential election was "stolen" and "rigged," but recent media reports have him flipping on his former boss and testifying to the contrary. Meadows publisher is not happy to have peddled his lies.


In a breach of contract lawsuit filed Friday in Florida, All Seasons cited media reports from last month alleging that Meadows knew Trump had lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

"Meadows' reported statements to the Special Prosecutor and/or his staff and his reported grand jury testimony squarely contradict the statements" in "The Chief's Chief," according to the lawsuit, filed in Sarasota, Florida. A central theme of Meadows' book is that "President Trump was the true winner of the 2020 Presidential Election and that election was 'stolen' and 'rigged' with the help from 'allies in the liberal media,'" the court papers read in part.

All Seasons wants their money back and $1 million in reputational damages. The lawsuit is based on reports in the media and will be pretty difficult to prove without access to Meadow's testimony.

"If such media reports are accurate, Meadows testified under oath that his book contains known falsehoods," All Seasons alleged in its breach of contract suit.

The All Seasons case is unusual both because it's based on media reports, not direct knowledge of Meadows' testimony, and because it's based on alleged factual errors. Publishers rarely fact check manuscripts, relying instead on the authors to verify what they've written, and are far more likely to object to a book because of plagiarism or the author's personal conduct.