Silly doggo thinks he's "stuck" inside taped square on floor (video)

We've written dozens of posts about dogs who go to great extents to find ways out of their enclosures (such as this nimble French bulldog). But here's a law-abiding Frenchie who makes sure to stay within his boundaries — even when said boundary is just a few strips of masking tape.

In an amusing experiment, a TikToker stuck a crate-size square of masking tape on her wooden floor, and then set her adorable pup inside. And although he looked downright grumpy about it, he patiently sat inside his cramped "enclosure," waiting for someone to let him the heck out. (See video below, posted by Malia Makaila.)

If only I could use this trick on my cats during dinnertime.

Via ParadePets
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